Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Preparing for our Christmas Countdown this 2013

Advent is almost here! I'm glad that I'm finally done wrapping all the books that we'd be using in our Christmas countdown this year. We'd be using most of the books we used last year but with a number of new books included.

Our Christmas books wrapped and numbered under our Christmas tree.
Some of these books are books that we bought from the Book Sale.
Others are giveaways from the All Saints' Day party that the kids attended recently.  


Then, last Saturday, while I was having a book table at an event at Insular Life Building in Makati, I shopped for a couple more books at The Learning Basket's booth, which was just a few steps away from my book table. Isn't that great?
I went through the pile of books that I separated from the rest of my kids' books and decided which books would be opened first and which ones would be opened closer to Christmas Day. 
After deciding on their sequence, I asked the help of my eldest son and one of our helpers to assist me in wrapping all the books. We used some of the remaining gift wrappers that were also used for Yanthy's loot bags in his 5th birthday celebration last month. The rest were wrapped in Manila paper. We numbered all the books so that we'd know which gift/book we'd open each day beginning on December 1 all the way to December 25.
We finished wrapping them just before dinner. After dinner, the kids and I went to Mass.
Our next activities in the coming days would be making our own wreath and Nativity Scene. I'll blog about them once we're done with these Christmas projects.
How about you? Are you also doing a Christmas countdown? Feel free to share how you're doing it this year.

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