Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Math Lessons Today Using Fun Thinkers and Building Blocks

Classes are suspended today in many schools due to typhoon Glenda... But not in our homeschool.
Since we are done with Fun Thinkers' English Level 2, I've decided to let my son spend more time on his Math lessons. We worked on the remaining pages of Fun Thinkers' Math Level 1 today. He has answered the other pages long ago. But he wasn't in the mood for some time. I chose to let him answer them again today after a long vacation from it. Guess what? We finished Level 1 just before his nap. Tomorrow we will start with Math Level 2. (If you are interested to learn more about Fun Thinkers, I recommend that you read my review of this product here.)
Aside from using Fun Thinkers to teach my boy Math today, I also used his building blocks as his manipulatives. My eldest son is very tactile and kinesthetic. He is very visual too. I allowed him to use his toys to help him better grasp our Math lessons today. Using these as teaching tools made our lesson a breeze. These toys also motivated him to answer more pages.  
On top of our Math lessons today, we also had our usual writing and spelling practice -- writing his name, the day today, the date today and 3 words that start with a particular letter of the alphabet. Today, he wrote about words that start with the letter M. He wrote MONKEY for the animal, MANGO for the food and MOTORBIKE for the vehicle/mode of transportation. While we were having our table top activities, my toddler watched educational videos on the alphabet, phonics, numbers and the days of the week.

Of course, the boys had some music activities today as usual. Mateo sang nursery songs and Yanthy played the piano.
We read a book before he and his younger brother slept. They are now sound asleep that's why I was able to update my blog. ;)
Later, we will read books again about rainy days. Their favorites are The Rain is Here (by a Filipino author) and The Cat in the Hat by Dr, Seuss. I'm also thinking of having a fun activity with them using cotton and water to help them understand the concept of rain better.

What activities did you have at home today on this rainy day?

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