Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Heaven is Real Because God is Real

Have I ever doubted that heaven is real?
I don't remember doubting this...
But I do remember that there were many times when I doubted God's love for me... I doubted that He wanted to give me what is best... I doubted that He wanted me to be happy. Those were dark nights in my soul.
I'm very grateful though that in even in my darkest night, not once did God ever leave my side.
He was always there... ever-present.
Even when I didn't talk to Him. Even when I didn't even want to remember Him. Even when I was very mad at Him.
He listened to me patiently, lovingly... He waited for me to be ready to see things as they really are.
When our eyes are filled with tears, we can't see clearly. We see a vague reflection of what's around us. But even when we are weeping, I discovered during those dark nights of my soul, that's it's possible to see God clearly and to experience His loving presence powerfully, vividly.
I just watched the movie Heaven is For Real with my husband. This moved me to ask myself if I ever doubted that heaven is real. That got me to write this post.
I discovered interesting things as I watched the movie... like a painting of a girl with visions of heaven and what Jesus looks like.
Then, I thought, "Does it really matter to me what Jesus looked like in heaven?"
My answer is NO.
I don't care how he looks... if he has blue or green eyes or dark eyes. I don't care if he has blonde hair or dark hair.
To me, what is most important is I know that He loves me immensely... 
I know this to be true not only because it is written in the Bible that He died for me on the cross. But most importantly because He lets me experience His love in a very real and personal way. 
Yes, there were times when I doubted His love and His plans for my life. I'm glad that during those times when I went through a dark night or dark nights He never left me on my own. He never gave up on convincing me of His love. He never turned His back on me (although there were times I thought He did).
Heaven is real to me... because Jesus is real to me. God's love is real to me...
I think it's hard to convince people what is real and what is not because God gave all of us free will to choose what our reality would be.
But if we just open our hearts and minds even just a bit to God, to Jesus, I know that we will never be the same again. If we allow God to transform our lives and allow Him to be an integral part of it, we will certainly say that God, Jesus, His Holy Spirit, are real.
Do you believe that heaven is real? Do you believe that God is real? Why? What makes you say so?
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