Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What God Gave Me After I Gave My All

I wanted so much to write a blog post right after the 3-day promotion of my book ended yesterday afternoon (Philippine time) but I was too tired already. I also had so many insights. I could not decide what to focus on as I reflected on the wonderful results of my eBook's virtual launch.
Today, as I was asking God for direction, He led me to pick up a book that I read long ago. I was moved to reread the conclusion of the book. I couldn't help but smile as I read these lines.

When you give, you create a vacuum.

That vacuum  that empty space — attracts blessings! What blessings? The stuff that you gave away will be returned to you, only of far better quality and greater quantity.

The more you give, the bigger the vacuum you create. The bigger the vacuum, the stronger the magnet — and the more blessings you'll attract into your life.

That's why giving your all is the secret of big returns.

There's magic when you give your all.

Because you also attract all that God wants to give to you.  

I read these lines from the book Take Charge, Give All by my favorite Bestselling Author Bo Sanchez.
Two more lines in the book's conclusion struck me.

And don't look down on how small your all is.
Nothing is too small for God.

I think those lines sum up what had just happened to me as I worked on the release  and virtual launch of BREASTFEEDING: A Journey Worth Taking's Kindle Edition. I gave my all in the entire process. Many times, I felt that my all wasn't enough to give me my desired results. But at some point, God assured me that giving my all was enough. He would supply the rest. I need not do everything that other people or experts say I should do to make my endeavor a success. (You may read more about my struggles and reflections while working on this project here , here and here.)
True to His Word, God responded overwhelmingly to my humble offering of my all.
The Gospel last Sunday spoke volumes to me. I felt like I was the little boy with the five loaves of bread and two fish. I felt that my meager contribution isn't enough for the overwhelming need of the people around me.
Yet as the priest shared in his homily that evening, "Share the little that you have and let God multiply it to bless many!"
That's what God did with my five loaves and two fish. He happily accepted my contribution in spreading the benefits of breastfeeding to families and introducing Him to families, beginning with mothers who embark on this worthwhile journey. Then, He blessed and transformed it! He multiplied my efforts and He used my eBook to bring His message of love and hope to mothers and families all over the world.
I thought I was just carrying out God's Will as a dutiful servant and daughter. I forgot that when we obey God, our loving Father, we also open ourselves to His many blessings. And like what Brother Bo said in his book, when we choose to give our all in loving God and in loving the people around us, we attract God's blessings into our lives.
Truly, God cannot be outdone in generosity! He surprised me big time with the results of my breastfeeding book's virtual launch. When I gave my all to God in this project, God gave me back blessings beyond my expectations! My book BREASTFEEDING: A Journey Worth Taking hit the #1 spot on Amazon's Best Sellers List, Top 100 Free in two subcategories — Motherhood and Child Care! It stayed on the #1 spot for most of the 3 days that my eBook was on promotion. Thus, I got #1 Amazon Bestselling Author ranking for August 1 and 2 — those were the first two days of the promotion. (I didn't see the ranking report on the third day of the promotion because there was an error in the report on the third day.) Aside from that, my book's ranking went up to #3 in two bigger categories Family Relationships and Parenting. (Read the details of this wonderful news here.) 

I'm so grateful to God for the courage and grace He gave me to give my all to Him. If I have not given Him my all, I would not receive this hundredfold blessing from Him.
Is God moving you to give your all to Him at this time? What makes you hesitate? What scares you? Ask God to help you grow in faith and to give you courage to face your fears. Open your life to God's miracles! Give your all to Him and wait with expectant faith that God will give you bigger and better blessings in return.
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