Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Terrific Start with the Letter T as Our Letter of the Week

We just had a T as in Terrific start for our new letter of the week -- the letter T!
First, my toddler son finger painted the letter T in upper and lower case.

Second, we made T as in trains from scrap colored papers and scratch papers.
Below is the step by step procedure to make these trains:
1. I asked the boys to trace circles for the wheels of their trains on scratch papers.
2. I asked my 5-year-old son to cut the traced circles.
3. The boys painted the circles with black paint and air-dried them.

4. I folded the colored papers and asked my 5-year-old son to cut along the line/fold to form rectangles.
5. I cut windows on the long rectangles and a spout for the train.
6. I taught the boys how to position the rectangles and the wheels of their train.
7. The boys glued the cut outs as I instructed them.

8. Then, I gave them yellow crayons so they can write the number on the body of their train.
9. I asked the boys to write the name of their train on the bond paper.
This is the train made by Mateo since he loves Thomas the Train!

Yanthy made James the red engine because his favorite color is red.
Just before lunch, the boys played by pretending to ride/drive a taxi. They alternated as driver and passenger.
After lunch and their bath, we read books all about Thomas with some props as I read them.
We bought most of these books from the Book Sale before.
When the boys woke up from their nap, they played with toys that start with the letter T -- trucks, trains, trumpet and tambourine. These will be the toys they would play with this week.

Instead of using the road track letter T in our Transportation-themed curriculum, we used the wooden train tracks of the boys to form the letter T when they played with their wooden train set.

In the evening, the boys wore their Thomas the Train shirts when we went to church to celebrate Mass.

Watch out for my next post about our other activities with the letter T!

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