Wednesday, October 15, 2014

T as in Trinity and More

We had our second day with the letter T yesterday. Our main activity was about T as in Trinity.
First, I searched for a Bible verse that I will dictate to my 5-year-old son so he can practice his listening, writing and spelling skills through it.
Second, I asked my two-year-old son to trace his heart and cross shape sorters on a piece of white scrap paper.
Third, my 5-year-old son to cut the shapes.
Fourth, my two-year-old son finger painted the cut outs --- red for the heart and brown for the cross. Then, we air-dried them.
Fifth, I gave 3 popsicle sticks to my two-year-old and showed him how to form it into a triangle and where to put glue on them. I helped him glue the triangle. I briefly explained to the boys that the triangle symbolizes the Holy Trinity -- 3 sides in 1 triangle, 3 persons in 1 God.
Sixth, I drew a shape of a dove on the remaining white scrap paper and cut it.
We glued the painted cut outs and the dove cut out on the sides of the popsicles that we formed into a triangle. We let the glue dry again.
All this time, I was supervising my eldest son's writing practice of the Bible verse about the Holy Trinity.
When the triangle was dry, I glued it to a new bond paper and helped my toddler to write "T is for Trinity." 

After my 5-year-old son was done writing the Bible verse, I asked him to try to memorize it.

Then, we posted their work on our wall near their study area.
After lunch, the boys also had some free play pretending to ride/drive a train and taxi complete with pieces of luggage. They used our sofas as train or taxi while our throw pillows are their pieces of luggage. 
Before their nap, I read books to the boys about a tricycle and a taxi, still in keeping with our letter of the week, which is the letter T. As usual, I used our toy props to retell the story/read the book.

My toddler had his nap earlier than his older brother. My eldest son and I had some Math lessons first. I introduced multiplication to him and we used his wooden blocks as his manipulative toys. By the grace of God, we finished answering all the multiplication questions in his Math Level 3 book of Fun Thinkers. Just in time for his birthday celebration today! Thus, aside from celebrating his 6th birthday today, we will also celebrate finishing our Fun Thinkers program for Math and English for all levels. This is one of our homeschool milestones.
Before bed last night, we watched again the videos of St. John the Baptist. I used these videos to explain further about the Holy Trinity and how the Holy Trinity was manifested in this life event of Jesus.
My eldest insisted that we watch St. Matthew's videos also. He said that T is also for tax collector so I gave in. ;) You may watch their videos here.
That's it for now!

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