Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Letter of the Week Activities for Letter A

We have just concluded an A as in Awesome week in our homeschool! The kids and I enjoyed the activities we had last week. My 2-year-old has been telling us in the past nights that among his high points were painting apples, ants and an angel. I'm so glad I lined up those activities for the kids! We had a lot of opportunities to bond while having fun and learning!
Let me now share with you what we did in the past week as part of our Letter of the Week Program. Our first letter of the week was the letter A.

Our letter A activities on one wall of our study area.
First, we painted an angel using the kids' handprints. You may read about this activity in detail here in one of my previous posts.
Second, we made an angel craft using paper plates. You may read about this activity in detail here in one of my previous posts.

Third, we painted apples and ants.

Fourth, we read books that featured A as in Adam and A as in Noah's ark as part of our Catholic ABC program. We also read The Giving Tree on the same day that we painted apples and ants.
Fifth, I let my 5-year-old to practice his handwriting, listening and spelling skills by asking him to write a verse about angels that I dictated to him.

Sixth, each of the boys painted an apple tree. Mateo, my 2-year-old finger painted the letter A in upper case and lower case. You may read my post about this activity in detail here.
Seventh, I let my 2-year-old play with items that start with letter A after letting him trace his finger over a foam letter A. These items include an airplane (that he can assemble and disassemble), ambulance and a plastic apple. He also played with the angel craft that we made. He used the transportation-themed letter A that I printed as roads for his toy airplane and ambulance. This is part of the Transportation-themed Alphabet Curriculum that I made for him. You may download a copy of this by signing up at my blog's sidebar. It's absolutely free! :)
Eight, my kids being very musical, we sang songs about ants and angels during these days.

Last but not least, there were days when the boys had fresh apples for snacks. :)
Those are our fun and simple activities for the Letter A.
Today, we began our activities for our next letter of the week -- the letter M! Yes, it's M, not B! I learned from another blog by a mom who follows the Montessori style of teaching small kids that we need not teach the alphabet letters in order as we try to help kids recognize the letters. We can begin with the letters of the child's name. That's why I have decided to start with activities for the letters M, A, T, E and O first.
One activity that I let Mateo play is a matching game between the foam letters of his name and some of his favorite plastic toys. This helps me help him recognize the letters of the alphabet in a fun way. Moreover, by limiting the game to only 5 letters or the letters of his name, he doesn't get overwhelmed in the process.  

Here's how I do it.
First, I show my 2-year-old son where each item should be placed. I say out their names like M is for mango, A is for apple, T is for tomato, E is for eggplant and O is for orange. Then, I remove the toy fruits, mix them up and ask him to put a fruit in front of the correct letter. After that, I remove the foam letters, mix them up and ask my toddler to match the letters to the fruits. He easily learned our matching game and answered correctly. You can play this game several times within the week or once a day to give your child a chance to master or to get familiar with the objects and the letters of the alphabet that you are currently teaching him/her.
Hope these activities help you have fun teaching your kids! Until my next post!

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