Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Boses": A Movie on Giftedness and Healing

I took a break from manuscript writing and working on my book project this month by writing a couple of articles. This was once of them. It was published yesterday at Smart Parenting Online.
I first learned about the movie Boses through a friend’s post on his Facebook Page. I got curious right away when I learned that it’s about a boy who is naturally gifted in music and his reclusive violin teacher. I didn’t read much about the movie before watching it; the little that I read from the post was enough for me to convince my husband to watch it with me. It was worth it! The movie moved me so much that I’m taking a break from finishing my manuscript to write my thoughts about it.

My curiosity stemmed from me having a child who is also gifted in music and who fancies violins and other musical instruments. We have not enrolled him in formal music lessons though since he is only 4 years old, and we’re simply exposing him to different kinds of musical instruments and allowing him to enjoy the experience.

What drew me to the film in the beginning was fast overshadowed by the pains that the child went through, scene by scene. The boy, who is a product of a broken family, has a mother who is an OFW who eventually abandoned him and his father. Further into the film, the boy was shown as being physically abused by his drunkard father. A neighbor reported the abuse which prompted the authorities to grant temporary custody of the child to a shelter for kids.

In the shelter, however, the child meets a bigger and older child who bullies him and provokes him into a fight. Just like when he was still in their home, the child finds himself hiding inside a cabinet because of fear. That’s when he met his future violin teacher.
Read the article in full here.

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