Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Breastfeeding Flash Mob Experience

It has been more than a week since Mateo and I participated in the first ever breastfeeding flash mob in the Philippines organized by Breastfeeding Pinays and a number of other groups and bloggers which support breastfeeding. I was not able to blog about our experience right away for as usual I had been busy with many things. Whew! I think we moms are always busy with something!

Anyway, it was at first a cloudy day that eventually became one rainy day. The weather did not stop me however from joining the event. I really wanted to bring my eldest son whom I breastfed for two years (although I supplemented him with formula milk as well due to his pediatricians advice) with me but I wasn't sure if I can manage to handle him while at the same time nursing his baby brother. Our maid is relatively new and I felt that I needed my husband to watch over our eldest especially that I expect that there would be many people in the event venue. So, my husband and I decided that our eldest will just go with him to Asian Hospital since he needs to go there for his follow up check up.

My husband was so kind to drive for me and our baby. He brought us to the venue so we could be there just in time for registration and to take part in the activity. Then, he and my son left for the hospital. There were many people as expected (families, breastfeeding supporters and media people). My maid doesn't know how to use our cellphone which had a camera on it. I tried teaching her; unfortunately, she kept on doing the wrong thing even with repeated demonstration on my part. So I resigned to the fact that it's possible that I would not have any picture or video during the event. I thought, at least I was able to participate.

The breastfeeding flash mob started and during the activity I had some chat with the moms near me. A couple of moms had been so kind to take a several shots of me and my baby. :)

When the event was finally over, I texted my husband again to inform him that the event is finished. I was surprised to see my eldest run to me in a few minutes. I found out that they missed my husband's appointment because of the traffic caused by the rains. Too bad. I thought they should have stayed with us at the event venue so my son could have held a poster and my husband could have taken pictures or a video of us.

Well, it's never too late I thought. I asked my husband to take some pictures of me and our sons and with the organizers since I'm also writing an article about the event for one of the publications where I contribute.

Me with my breastfed sons.

With Mommy Migz and her baby.

Me, with two new Mommies I met at the event and some of the event organizers.
After that, we left the venue and had some snacks in a nearby restaurant. After our meal, we decided to stroll near the bay and take some more pictures.

By the bay with my boys.
I'm glad we joined this event for it also paved the way for some family bonding that weekend.

At the fountain with the boys.

On top of that, I discovered in the days that followed that Mateo and I were seen in one of the video clips shown in the news. The new video was shown last August 4 at Balitanghali. We did not get to watch the news but I learned about it through our Facebook Group Breastfeeding Pinays.

I also saw another news feature by Yahoo Canada where our picture was part of their photo slideshow of the event. Here is the link to that photo slideshow.

Then, I saw another photo of the event in our Facebook Group again that included me and Mateo. It was a nice panoramic shot that's why I asked for permission to use it in my article for POC. I'm glad that I was granted permission and that my editor liked and used it too.
Photo by Keysi Nunez.
Here's the link to the article I wrote.

I'm grateful to God that though we were met by some challenges on our way to the event venue, we still got there on time; and though I thought I would not have any pictures or videos of the event, God still surprised me with some. He really has His ways!

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